Rabu, 16 April 2014

Jokowi Plans Divide Chair Not Accepted Difficult Political Parties

Political observers , Heri Budianto , say , almost all political parties seeking a coalition as tempted by the position in the cabinet . He considered the parties would be hard to accept if there is an offer for a coalition without the - seat .

It was submitted by Heri related plans the presidential candidate of the PDI-P , Joko Widodo , to form a cabinet that includes professional work. The announcement was made by Jokowi in a meeting with Chief Editor Forum in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) night .

According to Heri , other political parties would be difficult to accept if there is an offer for a coalition without the - seat . He worried that Jokowi statement may discourage parties to move closer to the PDI - P in the presidential election .

"The party is still chasing power orientation and their involvement in the parliament . 's Difficult , " Heri said when contacted Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Heri suggests Nasdem Party has done the bidding process to finally form a coalition with the party of " Black Bull " . According to him , there is a possibility Nasdem filed Vice President Jusuf Kalla period 2004-2009 ( JK ) as a candidate for vice president . "If he's there for the baseball - for seats , but thrusting JK , it is not bargaining ? Bargaining ," said Heri .

Besides Nasdem , Jokowi had approached the Golkar Party and the National Awakening Party . However , there is no agreement in the coalition talks with the two political parties . Golkar coalition and refused even ready to fight with the PDI - P in the presidential election .

According to Heri , tug agreement PDI - P and PKB was suspected due to the CLA asking PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar became vice president to Jokowi . He predicted that , in the end , will Jokowi break statement not to divide the portion of the cabinet , especially with his coalition colleagues .

" The political dynamics in the future we do not yet know . I guess there are also ministers of Nasdem later , " Heri said .
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Even so , Heri judging system implemented Jokowi it creates great hope to establish a professional cabinet . People are placed in the cabinet later , said Heri , of course, have good qualifications and competence .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Wake up New Office, Sinarmas MSIG reach for Rp 1.5 Trillion

Sinarmas MSIG Life topping off the building for its new office Sinarmas MSIG Tower . Building will be one of the highest buildings in the office area of Jakarta 's Sudirman area cost around Rp 1.5 trillion .

" Sinarmas MSIG 's Tower will be the tallest office building in the surrounding area of ​​Sudirman . Since the house was built in 2012 and will be operational by 2015 , " said President Johnson Chai Life Sinarmas MSIG , when topping off in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 / 2014 ) .

Sinarmas MSIG Tower built in Jakarta Setiabudi area with a land area of ​​4,500 meters . Later , the Tower has a number as high as 47 floors or 245 meters . Construction of the building is owned by a Sinarmas MSIG Life and PT SMART Tbk is an investment of Rp 1.5 trillion .

The plan of the building will be the central operational office Sinarmas MSIG Life . Johson Chai said the transfer of the head office Sinarmas MSIG Life to Sinarmas MSIG Tower is a form of commitment to its customers to provide the best service .

" Construction of the transfer of the office at the same time to Sinarmas MSIG Tower part of our commitment to our customers to be able to continue to provide the best service , " said Chai .

PT Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG Life was established in April 1985 . Initially the insurance company named PT . Life Insurance Purnamala International Indonesia ( PII ) . Sinarmas MSIG Life has distribution channels throughout Indonesia , which consists of the Agency , Bancassurance , Corporate & MNC , Direct Marketing - Telemarketing adan EFC ( Finascial Executive Consultant ) .
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In 2013 , MSIC Sinarmas Life has posted a Premium Incom value of Rp 9.8 trillion . While the achievement of solvency ratios using the Risk Based Capital ( RBC ) is 1.226 percent and serves more than 600,000 customers .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

PicMix: Photo Frame for Android

How many image editing application you've ever tried ? Of the many applications that are there that have kemampuaan filtering , effects , text captions and combine multiple photos into one beautiful frame ? If you have not found a photo editing application with complete features like that , then it's time for you to try PicMix . Listen on Android phones PicMix action :
1 ) Download and install PicMix .

2 ) Open PicMix and create a new account . You also can use Facebook account to login to PicMix .

3 ) Go to settings and make the settings :

Image Size : The image resolution from 720p . 1080p and 1200p .
Watermark : add a watermark on the photo PicMix your edits .
Photo post to public: turn off if you do not want to see any of your photos .
Allow other users to repost my picture : PicMix allow members to repost photos of your work .
Picture to Post : Path , Facebook , Twitter .
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Notification : Set when you will receive a notification .

4 ) Next select the frame you like by tapping the camera icon in the left corner .

Magic Frame : Choose a frame which contains a lot of photos .
Custom Frame : Create your own frame .
Contest Frame : Use artificial frame contest winner .
Packages : Buy a frame from the frame shop .

5 ) Then select a picture from the gallery .

6 ) Once the image is inserted in the frame did edit by touching the photo . Here you can choose to edit the following options :

Camera Roll : select an image from the gallery and then crop the photos to be attached to an existing photo .
Take Photo : Take a picture with the camera and then crop the photos to be attached in the photo.
Zoom / Rotate / Mirror : Please , rotation or create a mirror image effect .
Brightness / Contrast :
Text Tool : add text to photos.
Effects : You can touch the effects of free to paid .

7 ) When finished editing photos , please select ' Finish ' and then users are welcome to choose the following options :

Save to Photo Library .
Post Moment to Path
Share to Facebook
Share to Twitter
Share to KakaoTalk
Set as Twitter Profile Picture

8 ) In addition to downloading the frame , PicMix which is a social networking application locally made photo also provides a variety of features and services that you can get for free or paid . Too many features and services offered by this PicMix besides regarded as one of the advantages , but sometimes for some people this can cause confusion .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Student's Business Helmets Gloves Waterproof and Anti-Theft

The number of motorcycles that keeps crowding highways . In addition to adding severe congestion , especially in big cities , on the other hand opens a potential business niche . Just look at a group of students from the School of Business and Management ITB ( SBM-ITB ) fronted Amanda Maharani . They create innovative and creative products such as gloves helmets .

Together with ten friends , Amanda run the project with the name of making gloves helmet Helmet Cover ( Helver ) in October 2013 . This project originated from a college assignment to create a concept that is applicable and profitable business .

What makes a product called Helver innovative and creative ? Amanda explains , gloves helmet has three utility that is able to address the needs of bikers . Namely , water resistant , scratch resistant and include anti-theft security system . The usefulness of waterproof gloves helmet is very useful when the rainy season . Therefore , many motorcycles are parked in the open space . So with this product , the helmet can be protected from the rain and stay dry .

Meanwhile , the risk of losing the helmet for motorcycle riders do not know the season . Often when a motorcycle parked in a parking lot crowded and has a low level of security , helmet hanging above the rearview mirror to be a disaster . In addition to risk scratches , helmets can be missing . Thus , complements gloves helmet also has a safety lock becomes a necessity .

These problems opara student arrested after they conducted a survey of 500 respondents . From there , they took the initiative to create a product that can protect bikers helmet . This initiative was made after they conduct market surveys , of which aims to see the public response to the idea of ​​making this helmet gloves .

promotional campaign

The survey results also apply in their business plans in the coursework Integrated Business Experience ( IBE ) . This task requires the students to create a company that can produce products that are innovative and creative . They also set up a company called Quarcia Inc. . to run this project .

Before making Helver aka Helmet Cover , Amanda and 10 must present his first business plan and idea to the faculty . This plan was also presented to the banks to obtain capital loan . They also managed to obtain capital from a bank . " Begining of making this helmet gloves Rp 20 million , " said Amanda .

From there they then collaborated with a vendor in London to realize this product . Materials used helmets gloves taslan material that is often used for mountain jacket strong and waterproof . Helver made ​​with two designs namely Helver Helver Lock and Bag .

Helver Lock is a plus glove helmet locking device used to safeguard hooked to the motor . Meanwhile , Helver Bag shaped like a sling bag that can be brought to the motorists who still have a sense of worry to keep their helmets on the bike .

Student who is still studying fifth semester of this said , Helver can be used by all types of helmets , half face helmet good , full face , until the trail helmets . " For color variants such as a blend of gray and blue , gray and purple , silver and red , gray and silver , red and gray , and brown , " said Amanda .

How to use Helver quite simple . Once the helmet is inserted into the holster , then close the zipper Helver . After that , the zipper diangkutkan the locking system to handle the motor in the back seat . To increase brand awareness , Amanda besama 10 his unique marketing campaigns low cost .

He wraps the helmets in the outdoor parking lot with plastic saying " dont let your helmet get wet " . He also spread the balloons in the parking lot that reads motors other unique sentences . They also visited some of the motorcycle community in London and some large companies to promote . Currently , eleven of the ITB students perform Helver retail sales through multiple social media .

Amanda says , as of January of this year , he and 10 colleagues were able to produce 80 pieces Helver per week . Buyers coming from Bandung , Jakarta and Bogor . The selling price Helver Lock priced at Rp 100,000 per unit . The price Helver Bag for Rp 150,000 per unit . He said , during the first three months of 2014 , sales turnover has now reached Helver Rp 50 million .

In the future , as the development of the business , Amanda will continue to increase the amount of production . " We will market Helver not only in Java , but for the whole of Indonesia, " said Amanda .

Innovative products for the riders that were created by a team of students of the School of Business Management ITB is quite good . Therefore , this product has a usefulness that is really needed by the motorist. As a result , " I think the market is able to accept this product , " said Amir Karamoy , Chairman of the Standing Committee on Franchising and Licensing Chamber of Commerce .

In addition, the business outlook will also be good along with the high need and demand for motor vehicles , especially motorcycles . To maintain product positioning Helver or helmet cover on the market , Amir says , they must innovate and continue to promote their brand as a local brand .

Although local branded , they have to look good product and quality . That is , the manufacturer must keep the quality of the product and give the impression to consumers that local products also have good quality .

In addition , the promotion system must be considered . " For a product like kaver helmet , the most suitable system is a conventional marketing system that is word of mouth , " said Amir . Moreover , it is the most inexpensive way of marketing and direct hit to the consumer .

Buyers who have been using this product and are satisfied with the product , will be happy to tell his experience to his friends . Understandably , said Amir , currently the character of Indonesian consumers have more confidence in the testimony of their colleagues rather than on advertising .
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And one more thing that is important is the problem of determining the selling price . Therefore , the selling price will also affect the market wants to buy the goods on offer . Do not let the selling price is too high or too low . " Manufacturers of these products as much as possible to provide a competitive price and tailored to the target market , "


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Media Affairs 'Washington Post' Come Talk Jokowi Effect

As is known , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) presidien officially designated as a candidate (candidates ) PDIP . Not only the national conversation , became candidate Jokowi determination is also apparently become an international conversation .

One of them , the media from the United States ( U.S. ) ' Washington Post ' ran an article talking about the ' Jokowi Effect ' ( Jokowi effect ) . The article discusses the political phenomenon in Indonesia since the establishment Jokowi as a candidate .

As quoted from the Washington Post , Tuesday ( 18/03/2014 ) stated that electability Jokowi getting up closer to election time . The increase electability This indicates the increasing expectations of society towards Jokowi .
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Indonesia is also known as a country with extremely implement democratic multiparty system . Since 1999 the number of parties in Indonesia erratic . Party was the winner can not be determined due to the high fluctuation .

In the 1999 election was won by PDIP , in 2004 won by Golkar , and in 2009 was won by the Democratic Party . The third party is considered a major party by the Washington Post .

Meanwhile Jokowi a presidential candidate with the highest electability but still need to establish political communication . Significant role in nominating the party Jokowi as a national figure .

Former Mayor of Solo was carried by an opposition party PDI-P . The combination of both is deemed able to build alliances that occupy 25 percent or 20 percent seminimalnya of parliamentary seats .

Points that should be underlined is normally each party will be holding a number of parties that appear specific binding contract to occupy the power authority . But if true ' Jokowi Effect ' exists, then no need to establish contracts PDIP politics too much to win the election . ( BPN / Ndr / Rbp )